schloetterThe firm SCHLÖTTER GmbH was established at May 1978 and it’s a member of a parent company Max Schlötter GesmbH & Co KG with a center in Salzburg.

The world group Schlötter with his members and distribution companies counts around 650 employees. From that SCHLÖTTER Salzburg has about 30 employees. Based on close cooperation with the parent company, with the specialists of chemical methods, Schlötter GesmbH constructs, manufactures and installs plants for galvanization and the control systems.

Additionally to that Schlötter GesmbH is supplying the Austrian markets with all chemical assortments. And with that we offer you everything what you need for the successful finishing of your products.

Within the parent company Max Schlötter GmbH & Co KG at the 12. September 2012 was the group celebrated 100 years of existence.

Actually overview  of Chemical Technologies from SCHLÖTTER you will find under: http://www.schloetter.at/verfahren/

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